Sony have announced the that a new range of classic title will be available to buy sometime between now and early 2017.

"Since its debut in 1990, the Neo Geo enthused video game fans from around the globe with games that were "bigger, badder, and better" than anything else in the arcade or at home... and you'll finally have the perfect conversions of some of these legendary titles," a PlayStation blog post reads.

"The King of Fighters '94 originally launched on the Neo Geo way back in 1994, injecting new life into the fighting game genre by mixing popular characters from SNK's Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, and Ikari Warriors franchises into one massive invitational hand-to-hand tournament.

"The King of Fighters '94's unique three-on-three battles and intricate special moves systems had a massive impact on subsequent fighting games, and gave birth to an ongoing saga that continues to this day with 2016's amazing PS4 offering, The King of Fighters XIV."


The first game launching in the ACA Neo Geo series is The King of Fighters '94, which arrives October 27 on PS4.


The following games will launch in 2016:

- Metal Slug

- Samurai Shodown

- Alpha Mission II

- Fatal Fury

- World Heroes


Games arriving in early 2017:

- Neo Turf Masters

- Nam-1975


Syber Gaming Delivers VR and 4K-Ready “C Series” Small Form Factor Gaming PC.

Gaming PC that is designed for the living room.


Syber Gaming, a division of CyberPowerPC, today announced delivery of its C series, a small form factor system maximised for space while giving users a fully-powered 6th generation Intel Core-based rig that's both virtual reality and 4K ready.

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Batman - The Telltale Series, Episode 2: Children of Arkham

Available to download 20/09/2016

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